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    Because your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health is important to us.

WellbeingLabRx - Change begins here

How do you make sense of adverse circumstances? How do you refocus when life has pulled you in all directions, and all that is left is a shadow of the person you used to be and a faint sketch of what you want to be?

At WellbeingLabRx, we accompany you on your journey of self-discovery and support you in living the life that God has intended for you.


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Check out our inspirational, practical, and thought-provoking blogs.  And join in the conversation.


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At WellbeingLabRx, we address your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs. Our solution-focused programs combine the Bible, sound science, and inspirational writings. 
   We collaboratively work with our client from the planning to the executive stages, helping you to identify your needs and goals and achieve them. We support you through the process of change and assist you to develop a winning mindset.
   Our processes and techniques include biblical principles, cognitive behaviour techniques, and Socratic questioning.
  With over two decades of training, knowledge, and experience in the field of mental health, counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy, and personal development, we can help with a wide range of existential issues. 
   We offer as little as one session for clients who may just need clarity on an issue or as a top-up. We also offer consultancy packages for more challenging issues.
   If you are serious about making a change, achieve your goals, and be held accountable, why not contact us today?

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The forum reflects some of my interests. If you enjoy

astronomy, health-related topics, relationships, nature & believe that God still answers prayers, check it out. 

Working from Home

Our guests come from all walks of life. They will inspire you. They will challenge you. They will make you cry. They will make you laugh.
Catch up with our podcast wherever you are and at a time that suits you.
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